President Mattarella Appoints Francesco Casile as “Cavaliere”: A Triumph for Italian Fashion

I am deeply pleased and honored to announce that President Mattarella has appointed Casile Francesco as “Cavaliere dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” (Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic). The decree conferring the honor of Knight of the Order Al Merito of the Italian Republic was signed on December 27, 2023. This important award will be presented on June 2, in conjunction with the Republic Day celebrations, celebrating more than 50 years of Francesco Casile’s career and dedication to the high-end fashion industry.

Francesco is an emblematic figure in the Italian fashion scene, with a commitment and passion that have made him a true icon. For us at Xento, it is a privilege to host in our Fairies Glamour blog the articles of such a prestigious personality and to celebrate his remarkable achievements.
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Leadership, Innovation and Education: The Legacy of Francesco Casile in the Fashion World
A Path of Vision and Innovation

Francesco Casile, founder and CEO of Casile&Casile Fashion Group, has played a crucial role in transforming the Italian fashion scene. His career began in Milan, where he moved with his friend Gianni Versace to pursue ambitions in the fashion world.

Starting as a warehouse worker at Happening Mode, Casile went on to become sales manager and founded a leading made-in-Italy company.

In addition, as a visionary co-founder of the Milan Fashion Showroom Chamber, Casile revolutionized support for emerging talent and brands.

A Leader and an Educator

In addition to his business success, Francesco Casile has distinguished himself for his commitment to educating young talent. As a lecturer at four universities in Milan and an active mentor, he has positively influenced the lives of numerous students, preparing them to competently enter the job market. His indefatigable enthusiasm, even at age 78, is an inspiration to many young people who see in him a model of passion and dedication.

An Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

Under Casile’s leadership, the Casile&Casile Fashion Group has expanded its reach internationally, serving more than 450 clients worldwide and promoting Italian excellence in strategic markets such as Russia, Eastern Europe, Korea and Japan. Daughter Alessia’s joining the company marked the beginning of a new era of innovation and growth, with a special focus on the adoption of new technologies and sustainability.

presidente mattarella nomina casile cavaliere foto francescofrancesco casile che spiega agli studenti in unicersita
A Radiant Future
President Mattarella nominates Francesco Casile as he is an outstanding figure and a beacon of inspiration in the fashion industry. The appointment of Francesco Casile as a Knight not only celebrates his illustrious past, but also marks the beginning of new adventures that will continue to inspire and influence the world of fashion and beauty. We are thrilled that, through our collaboration, the Luxury Skincare line “Fairy Gold” is now also available in high fashion stores, bringing quality, luxury products to customers who love to take care of themselves with organic, innovative, high-quality and environmentally sustainable products.

President Mattarella’s appointment of Casile Francesco as a Knight not only celebrates his illustrious past but also marks the start of new adventures that will continue to inspire and influence the world of fashion and beauty.

Sharing this news in our Xento’s Fairies Glamour blog is a true honor, and we are sure that Francesco Casile will continue to amaze us in the years to come.

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Anna Suriano is a shining figure in the world of entrepreneurship, a true style creator who blends luxury, fashion, and wellness. She and her husband, Leonardo Buccoliero, the Chief Designer of Xento, have given life to a brand of accessories and skincare that represents excellence in terms of aesthetics and well-being.

Her degree in Educational Sciences is just the beginning of her multidisciplinary journey. Anna is a fashion visionary, with an eye for details that goes beyond appearances. Her dedication to elegance is coupled with a deep understanding of how jewelry and visual elements can influence our well-being.

But there is more to this entrepreneur. Anna embraces the world of beauty and skincare with the same passion, aware of the importance of taking care of oneself both mentally and physically. This philosophy reflects the very essence of Xento, the brand she represents.

Her passion for wellness is reflected in everything she does. Anna is a staunch advocate of positive thinking and body neutrality, recognizing that true beauty stems from self-acceptance. This message, conveyed through research and initiatives, embodies Anna’s mission to promote self-esteem and well-being.

Anna embodies the synergy between academic education and a passion for fashion, beauty, and positive thinking. Her lifestyle is a model of innovation in the approach to well-being. Her dedication to combining fashion, beauty, and self-esteem permeates every aspect of her work at Xento and her mission to spread happiness in all its forms.

With Anna Suriano, Xento becomes a beacon of elegance, well-being, and inspiration. Her vision and commitment have redefined the concept of style, transforming every shade of life into an opportunity to shine.

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