Eye Care: Fighting Dryness for Youthful Skin

Caring for the eye area is essential to counteract the dryness that compromises the skin’s youthfulness. This delicate area requires special attention and targeted treatments to maintain its vitality and radiance over time.

The blemishes around the eye area are many. From crow’s feet to dark circles, from puffiness to drooping eyelids, having a rested look can seem impossible. A problem that can be amplified by a dry eye contour, which can worsen the appearance of wrinkles and dark marks, as well as being particularly annoying.

cura del contorno occhi ritratto di un uomo che applica il siero
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The only solution, of course, is to take care of the eye area with rich textures and moisturizing actives, suitable for restoring softness and brightness to the skin, also reducing wrinkles and dark circles.

Causes of Dry and Wrinkled Eye Contour

A very sensitive area, characterized by thin skin and very few sebaceous glands, making the presence of sebum much lower than in other areas of the skin. Elements that lead to the eye area becoming dry and easily marked by wrinkles and dark circles. There are many causes, from lack of sleep to stress, but also rubbing and too many hours at the computer can make the eye area dehydrated. Bad habits that can make the eye area irritated and wrinkled also include medical conditions that should be investigated with a specialist, such as allergies, blepharitis and dry eye syndrome. Attention should also be paid to the beauty routine, of course, which can make the eye area dry and irritated.

Remedies for a Dry and Wrinkled Eye Contour

Choosing the right texture can help counteract dry skin around the eyes. Indeed, a rich and moisturizing eye contour cream can help plump wrinkles and rehydrate the area. By combining application with a gentle massage, a draining effect suitable for reducing dark circles can be achieved.

A lightweight but highly concentrated alternative is serums. Fluid and watery, they easily penetrate the skin of the dry eye area, carrying actives such as hyaluronic acid and plant oils suitable for nourishing the area.

Caring for the eye area is an essential step in the beauty routine, as it helps counteract the dryness that threatens the skin’s youthfulness. This delicate area requires special attention and targeted treatments to maintain its vitality and radiance over time.

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Anna Suriano is a shining figure in the world of entrepreneurship, a true style creator who blends luxury, fashion, and wellness. She and her husband, Leonardo Buccoliero, the Chief Designer of Xento, have given life to a brand of accessories and skincare that represents excellence in terms of aesthetics and well-being.

Her degree in Educational Sciences is just the beginning of her multidisciplinary journey. Anna is a fashion visionary, with an eye for details that goes beyond appearances. Her dedication to elegance is coupled with a deep understanding of how jewelry and visual elements can influence our well-being.

But there is more to this entrepreneur. Anna embraces the world of beauty and skincare with the same passion, aware of the importance of taking care of oneself both mentally and physically. This philosophy reflects the very essence of Xento, the brand she represents.

Her passion for wellness is reflected in everything she does. Anna is a staunch advocate of positive thinking and body neutrality, recognizing that true beauty stems from self-acceptance. This message, conveyed through research and initiatives, embodies Anna’s mission to promote self-esteem and well-being.

Anna embodies the synergy between academic education and a passion for fashion, beauty, and positive thinking. Her lifestyle is a model of innovation in the approach to well-being. Her dedication to combining fashion, beauty, and self-esteem permeates every aspect of her work at Xento and her mission to spread happiness in all its forms.

With Anna Suriano, Xento becomes a beacon of elegance, well-being, and inspiration. Her vision and commitment have redefined the concept of style, transforming every shade of life into an opportunity to shine.

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